John D. Johnston (Lincoln's stepbrother) purchases 40 acres of farmland in Coles County, Illinois from the US government.


Thomas and Sarah Bush Lincoln, and John D. Johnston, his wife and two boys move into a one-room cabin on the land. The cabin was probably built by squatters in 1835.

Thomas Lincoln purchases from Reuben Moore, the 80 acres adjacent to the western boundary of Johnston's land.

Thomas Lincoln

Thomas Lincoln and John D. Johnston move the cabin from Johnstonís land to the adjacent 80 acres now owned by Thomas, enlarging the cabin in the process.


On December 31, Thomas Lincoln purchases the land from John D. Johnston for $50.

Abraham Lincoln

On October 25, Abraham Lincoln purchases the land from his father for $200, giving his parents exclusive use of the land until their deaths.

On January 17, Thomas Lincoln dies. Abraham inherits the west 80 acres, adjacent to the land he already owns.


On August 12, Abraham sells the west 80 acres to John D. Johnston for one dollar. Although Johnston seeks to purchase from Abraham the remaining land, Abraham refuses and the land remains in his name.

On April 14, Lincoln is shot by John Wilkes Booth. On April 15, Lincoln dies.

Lincoln's stepmother, Sarah Bush, becomes sole heir to the land.

John Wilkes Booth
Sarah Lincoln

Sarah Bush Lincoln dies.

Legal title to the land passes to John J. Hall, Sarah Lincolnís grandson.

John Hall

On April 4, John J. Hall dies. His son, Joseph J. Hall inherits the land.

Farm scene

On September 24, Joseph J. Hall conveys the land to Lewis W. Ely by warranty deed.


In November, Lewis W. Ely deeds the land to Chauncey R. Bowman.

On Dec 4, Chauncey R. Bowman sells the land to William T. Phipps.

Farm scene
The Lincoln Family Farm

On Sept 25, Friends of the Abraham Lincoln Historical Farm LLC purchases the land from the Phipps family.

Farm scene

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